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T-REX 250 PRO Super Combo KX019010

Manufacturer: Align
Category: Sport
Price: $410.99
Fuel: Electric
Size: 200
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Introduction of the Trex 250 Pro :
? With innovative design and superior manufacturing process, Align’s T-Rex 250 is the smallest 3D helicopter in the T-Rex series. It has flight characteristics comparable to larger 3D helis, realizing the possibility of flights in areas with small space constraints.
? The helicopter’s frame utilizes unique material integration techniques, allowing seamless integration of plastic with carbon fiber frame plates, resulting in a frame not only rigid, but enables quick and convenient maintenance. Increased rotor head rigidity, metal parts with improved resistance against deformation, resulting in superior 3D flight performance. Single piece tail gearbox and weighted tail blade grips allows for quick assembly, while improving tail locking efficiency.
? Although T-Rex 250 PRO is small in size, it’s packed with performance capable of any difficult flight maneuvers. No longer do you need to find a large open space to fly; you can enjoy flying in your backyard or any larger indoor space.

Features of the Trex 250 Pro :
? Increased rotor head rigidity, metal parts with improved resistance against
deformation, resulting in superior 3D flight performance.
? Material integration technology used in frames, improving rigidity and simplifies maintenance.
? New style quick removable gyroscope mounting platform integrated with rudder servo mount, effectively utilizes frame’s inner space for simplified maintenance.
? New anti-rotation guide.
? Strengthen landing skids enhanced its durability.
? Single unit tail belt unit with the new counter weighted tail blade grips make it easier assembly and improving rudder efficiency.
? Streamlined design canopy.

Users must have a certain concept of security to operate the R/C helicopters.
Be sure to read and comply with related safety notes of instruction manual before flying.

Focus Shot 1 (Increased rotor head rigidity, metal parts with improved resistance against deformation, esulting in superior 3D flight performance)
Focus Shot 2 (New battery mounting platform with integrated mount for ESC for ease of install and wire management)
Focus Shot 3 (3K side plates with imbedded material technology, allowing servos to be installed without a nut)
Focus Shot 4 (Imbedded side frame rudder mount rail design, for ease of maintenance)
Focus Shot 5 (New style metal swashplate)
Focus Shot 6 (New style frame base plate with access window to gyro adjustment)
Focus Shot 7 (New style gyro mount with integrated rudder servo mount for centralized CG, advantageous to 3D flying)
Focus Shot 8 (High precision tail pitch assembly with weighted tail blade grips for increased smoothness of rudder pitch change action)
Focus Shot 9 (New style single piece tail gear box with thicker side plates, for improved overall rigidity and simplified maintenance)

Specification (T-REX 250 Pro) :
? Length : 431mm
? Height : 162mm
? Main Blade Length : 205mm
? Main Rotor Diameter : 460mm
? Tail Rotor Diameter : 108mm
? Motor Ponion Gear : 15T
? Main Drive Gear : 120T
? Tail Drive Gear : 28T
? Drive Gear Ratio : 1:8:4.28
? Weight(w/o power system) : 150g

Included Accessories :
? T-REX 250 PRO Kit Set X 1 set
? 205 main blades X 1 set
? 205D Carbon main blades X 1 set
? RCE-BL15X 15A Brushless ESC X 1 (Build-in 5~6V adjustable BEC)
? RCM-BL250SP (3400kv) Brushless motor X 1
? Motor ponion gear 15T X 1
? GP790 Head Lock Gyro X 1
? DS420 Digital servo X 1
? DS410 Digital servo X 3
? 37 Tail blade X 1 set
? 40 Tail blade X 1 set
? Clip X 1
? #00 Philips screw driver X 1
? 0.9mm Hex head wrench X 1
? 1.3 Hexagon screw driver X 1
? Dial pitch gauge pad X 1

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:
? Transmitter (6-channel or more,helicopter system)
? Receiver (6-channel or more)
? Pitch gauge X 1
? 11.1V 3S Li-Po 850mAh battery X 1

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