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Novarossi REX R57HR-3DS .57 5 Port Helicopter Engine w/Rotory Carb (Standard Plug)

Manufacturer: Novarossi
Category: helicopter
Price: $334.99
Engine Size: .57
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This is the Novarossi REX R57HR-3DS .57 5 Port, Standard Plug Helicopter Engine, with a Rotory Carb. This engine has a powerful torque curve specifically designed for very hard 3D flying. Fast RPM recovery, easy of mixture tuning and fatigue resistance are some of the benefits of the REX 57HR-3DS. Novarossi has developed this new engine platform by working with some of the worlds top 3D Heli pilots. The R57HR 3D cooling head is "Carb-Smart" ready and the crankcase is made to standard dimension in order to fit most helicopters.     


  • Cooling Head: The cooling head of our R57HR 3D engine is made from aluminum that is been chosen for its heat conducting capacity.
  • Compression rings: The ignition timing is controlled with these little rings of various thickness. To change the ignition timing you can add or remove a ring of a certain thickness.
  • Piston ring: The "Dykes" type piston ring has been implemented to improve the sealing between the piston and the cylinder.
  • Connecting Rod: This connecting rod is made from a super light aluminum which has been checked ultrasonic to prevent premature failures. The specific form creates little turbulence inside the engine which aids the internal gas-flows.     
  • Sleeve: The sleeve has 5 transfer ports and is made from iron.
  • Crankcase: The crankcase is made from an special alloy, developed by Novarossi to obtain the best possible strength to weight ratio.
  • 3 Needle Carburetor: This engine has an carburetor with an rotary throttle valve and comes with a 10mm body. It features a simple Min/Med/Max mixture adjustment.
  • Rear cover 3DS edition: 3DS Rear Cover was redesigned to allow the Spektrum RPM sensor installation and is compatible with previous REX 57HR 3D engine edition
  • Crankshaft: The crankshaft is made from high quality steel and is available in Turbo 1/4" x 28 version.
  • Rear ball bearing: The rear ball bearing of this engine is made from high quality steel.     
  • Combustion chamber: This combustion chamber has a semi spherical shape, in combination with the centered glow plug we created the most effective combustion process possible.
  • Glow Plug: Standard Heli Glow Plug. All brands of Heli Glow Plug are compatible. Cold or Medium/Hot Plugs are advised

Note: Ignition timing is related to the percentage of Nitro in the fuel and the altitude (above sea level) of your model.


Displacement: 9.35cc
Max Power: 2.39 HP
RPM (max power): 18.500
Pratical RPM: 800 to 21.000
Bore x Stroke: 23.33mm x 21.94mm
Number of Transfer ports: 5
Crankshaft: 16mm - 1/4" x 24
Carburetor: Rotary - 3 Needles (min/med/max). 10mm Bore
Advised Novarossi plug: HR3 (Cold)
Advised Nitro %: 0 to 30%
Weight: 425gr

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