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Swing 2-Axis Camera Mount Combo

Manufacturer: Alware
Category: Gimbals
Price: $159.00
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The Swing 2-Axis Camera Mount is a new gyrostabilised Camera Mount designed by Alware. It is made of flash, light and strong fiber glass plates as well as clean anodized CNC Aluminium Rods and high quality Flange Bearings. The unit is designed for full-fit GAUI 330X/ 500X Quadflyer, DJI F450/F550 Multicopters with Arch-Bridge Landing Gear. Swing 2-Axis Camera Mount allows you to Tilt and Roll your camera in the sky to shoot stable image or video.

Differ from standard mounts, it operates with previse CNC spur gears which increases the stability of the axis movement.
Moreover, Swing 2-Axis Mount is workable with standard mini servos(e.g. ALware DS260) for both Tilt and Roll axises or with a standard servo(e.g. Align DS610) to the Tilt axis when using a large camera. This is an unique and advanced design by Alware.
With Arch-Bridge Landing Gear set, the CG of the you Aircraft will become lower as a result of a higher stability can be achieved.

The Alware Swing 2-Axis Camera Mount accepts cameras up to the size of the 123*140mm (Wide*High).

- With New, Simple and Hight Precision designed.
- Made of flash, light and strong fiber glass plates as well as CNC Aluminum Rods and high quality Flange Bearings.
- 2 controllable axises (Tilt and Roll) by mini size servos or a Standard size servo on Tilt axis with CNC precise Spur Gears.
- High precision of each axises.
- Use bottom plate assemble method to the GAUI 330X/500X, DJI F450/F550 Multicopter as to increase the stability of the aircraft in the sky due to lower CG position.
- Relatively large room to mount batteries and varies cameras.
- Easy to assemble.
- Detailed instruction manual can be downloaded easily.
Axis: 2 Axis controlable(Tilt and Roll)
Mounting: Bottom plate assemble method
Material: Flash, light and strong fiber glass plates; CNC Aluminum Rods; High quality Flange Bearings and metal screws set.
Bearing type: High Quality Flange bearings
Camera Mount Weight: 180g (without servos);
Arch-Bridge Landing Gear: 150g
Landing Gear Clearance Height: 193mm
Dimension of portable camera : Max. ~123*140mm (WxH)
Payload Capacity: ~700g (with Standard Servo on the Tile axis)
Battery Room (Max height): 40mm
Operate Servo size: Mini servos(e.g. Align DS410, Alware DS260) for both Tilt and Roll Axis, or a Standard Servo(e.g. Align DS610) for Tilt Axis.
Color: Black fiber plates; Clean Anodized Silver Aluminum Rods.
Landing Gear: Arch-Bridge Landing Gear (suitable for both GAUI 330X/500X, DJI F450/F550 Multicopters).
Gyro Stabilization for Camera Mount: Recommended with 1pcs FY-30A 3-axises Stabilizer/ DJI WooKong M/ GAUI GU-INS GPS build-in Gimbal Function/ 2pcs GWS PG-03 Gyro.


- 1x Alware Swing 2-Axis Camera Mount Only
- 1x New Alware Arch-Bridge Landing Gear Set
- 4x Alware PRO3CM Hex Steel Connection Rods
- 1x Complete Screw Set
- Metal mounting rod and connectors
( Please be Noted: Servos and Gyro are not included)

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