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Fat Shark Dominator Video Glasses

Manufacturer: Fat Shark
Category: Goggles
Price: $299.99
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Experience the new Dominator; an innovative 3rd generation FPV headset designed by Fat Shark, the original leading FPV manufacturer.   The Dominator's excellence is characterized by its beautiful glass optics display, unique modular design and revolutionary ergonomics.  The discerning FPV pilot can customize their headset setup to compliment their individual FPV flying style.  The Dominator's impressive pedigree is rooted in the original RCV922 headset; it is the evolutionary result of blending latest technology and manufacturing techniques with the refinements gathered from 3 years of field use and customer feedback on the RCV922.  
Purchase with the confidence of brand name quality, renowned customer service excellence and knowing the guys that make your stuff love flying with it too.

The Dominator comes in a hard protective case with 3m AV cable (for connecting to external receivers) and a 1m head tracking cable (for connecting to Futaba style radios).  The optional RF modules are available in 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz and are compatible with Fat Shark and ImmersionRC transmitters (not compatible with Chinese brand transmitters). 

The optional head tracking module is an advanced FPV head tracker that utilizes 3 sensing technologies; motion is detected by a sensitive dual axis gyro which is continuously calibrated to a fixed external reference determined by the compass sensor and accelerometer.  The result is the smoothest error-free head tracker available.

Form fitting silicone eye cups
The option to add-on an integrated head tracker (sold separately)
The option to add a 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz receiver module  (sold separately)

Note for warranty claims for goggles:
The screens in all types of video goggles are susceptible to damage from the sun.  Care should be taken to avoid direct sunlight into the eyepieces.  Dead or damaged pixels from sun damage are not covered under the manufacturers warranty.  Also, from time to time there may be a dead pixel on any LCD display.  An isolated dead pixel is not covered under warranty or replacement.  Only display issues that affect the picture quality such as multiple pixels are covered under warranty, and any groups of dead pixels must be reported within 1 week of receipt of the goggles.

User manual located HERE.

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