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Stinger Pro 250mw 5.8GHz AVD Transmitter

Manufacturer: Iftron
Category: Transmitters
Price: $169.95
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Powerful, small, light and efficient. Stinger Pro 250 transmits NTSC or PAL/SECAM video, and 2 side channels at a full 250mw and provides outstanding range in the less polluted 5.8GHz band.

The microphone input features extreme sensitivity, yet the built-in Automatic Level Control (ALC) microphone preamp assures excellent quality sound over very large changes in input volume.

The second side channel may be used for line-level audio or medium baud rate serial data.

Exclusive built-in battery saver for 2 and 3 cell LiPo's. 

Flexible input power, on-board switching power and dual side channels with preamp, make Stinger 5.8 Pro the most versatile transmitter in its class!

Comes with whip antenna audio cable and one of these Plug & Play Power/Video Cables  If you already have a camera that uses a 3 pin connector, please check the connector picture for wiring compatibility with your camera. If your camera is opposite of ours, please ask for a "REVERSE" cable when ordering or you will have to reverse it yourself.

All Iftron Transmitters are Urethane Conformal Coated for moisture protection.  


Made in USA

Lead Free
Wiring and Information Here


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  Size: 1" x 1.5" x .25"
  Weight: 0.5Oz (16g)

Input Power: 

 On-board switching regulator. See chart below
  Video Input:
  Audio Mic Input:
Condenser Microphone pads on baord
  Audio Line Input: 1Vpp pads on board
  Connectors: 1x6 pin power + camera, 1 x 3 pin audio+gnd
  Output Power:
250mw typical
  Antenna: SMA Connector
  Camera Power:
Battery voltage less about 1V

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